The SASPCN Maternity Clinic provides prenatal and delivery services to low risk pregnancies. Our team has your and your baby’s health as their top priority.

Your SASPCN maternity team may collaborate with or refer you to specialists or other obstetrician when necessary. Referrals are received from the patient’s family physician.

Mothers and the newborn will return to their medical home (family physician) following delivery at the Sturgeon Community Hospital.

The SASPCN Maternity Clinic supports the Family Medical Residency Program through the University of Alberta. Medical residents may be involved in providing your prenatal care and assisting at your baby’s delivery.

For a complete list of pregnancy related resources, please visit our maternity resources page under the maternity section.

Referral to the SASPCN Low Risk Maternity Clinic

Your family physician will refer to you for prenatal care at our clinic. Information about your health and your early pregnancy will be included with the referral to assist our team to provide you with the care you need. For appointment booking call: 780-419-2214

Physicians involved in the Low Risk Maternity Clinic:

Dr. Krista Bennett          Dr. Karen Ching

Dr. Barbara Fischer        Dr. Celine Gannon

Dr. Marielle Pratt           Dr. Margaret Schaffter

Dr. Bailey Adams           Dr. Juliana Rey-Parra

Dr. Jacqueline Kassam





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