At the Primary Care Network, our dietitians are health professionals who counsel and support patients to make changes in their eating habits to promote health and prevent chronic illness. Whether you are trying to manage a medical condition, improve your health, feed your family, or read food labels, they can help you.

Nutrition Counselling

Your SASPCN member family physician may refer you or your family for nutrition counselling. Our team of Registered Dietitians is ready to provide provide nutrition education through group classes and individual appointments.

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Healthy Lifestyle Changes

Changing eating habits can be challenging! Our dietitians work with you to take the confusion out of food so that you can have more energy for your daily activities. Working with a dietitian may help you learn new skills to improve eating habits, including how to:

  • Plan balanced meals to meet nutrient and energy needs
  • Read nutrition food label information at the grocery store to help you make healthier choices
  • Renovate your environment to increase nutritious options available
  • Slow down the pace of eating and increase awareness of your body’s hunger and fullness cues
  • Set specific and achievable weekly or monthly nutrition goals

Nutrition Classes and Workshops

The PCN provides some classes to the general public, as well as to patients of SASPCN physicians. Please see the class calendar for details or contact your family physician for more information.

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Health Resources

Our Dietitians have compiled a selection of useful websites and information.

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