Seniors Health

As we age, we can develop new health concerns or need information on aging well. Our care providers are here help to seniors, family members and care partners.

Our supports include information, education, assessment, and support. Your SASPCN healthcare team works with your family physician to assess for interventions and services you may need.

Health and Care Coordination

Your SASPCN healthcare team can assist with communication between your health care providers (such as acute care, AHS Continuing Care, specialty services, and others). They work with your family physician to keep up to date with your health and the care you are receiving. Primary care nurses can effectively communicate important clinical information to other providers involved in your care. Communication assists with the coordination of care to help meet your needs and prevent adverse events.

Medication Management

Medications affect you in different ways as you age and have a large impact on the management of chronic disease and acute conditions. Your physician and our team will assist you to find the medications that are the best for you by answering questions like:

  • Is the medication indicated for your condition?
  • Does the medication interact with your other medications?
  • Is the medication safe for you?
  • Is the medication effective?
  • Are you willing and able to take the medication?

Your healthcare team will provide you with information and resources about your medications and what you can do to increase the benefits and decrease the side effects.

Assessment and Interventions

As we age, we often have difficulty managing some aspects of daily life. The SASPCN healthcare team can assist you by providing assessment to identify potential safety risks and supports. Your physicians may refer to a member of the SASPCN healthcare team or to the Geriatric Evaluation and Management Clinic (GEM).

Who is eligible to receive these services?

These services are available to patients of family physicians that are part of the St. Albert and Sturgeon Primary Care Network.

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