What is Primary Care?

Primary care is the first point of contact a person has with the health system - the point where people receive care for most of their everyday health needs. Primary care is typically provided by family doctors and health care professionals such as nurses, dietitians, pharmacists, mental health professionals, therapists and others.

Primary care includes the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of various health conditions. It also includes referrals to specialists and diagnostic services such as laboratory tests or X-rays. Examples of primary care include: care for pregnant women, preventative screening, care for chronic illnesses, transitions between service, counselling and education.

What is a Primary Care Network (PCN)?

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) were established to improve access to family doctors and other frontline health providers in Alberta. Each network develops programs and services that meet the local health needs of patients in its area. PCNs are established within the framework set by Alberta Health, the Alberta Medical Association (AMA) and Alberta Health Services (AHS) and are publicly funded. There are currently 42 PCNs in Alberta.

What is the St. Albert and Sturgeon PCN?

The SASPCN was established in 2006, and has grown to include 66 family doctors who serve more than 77,000 patients in St. Albert and Sturgeon County. The SASPCN supports family doctors with a health care team to provide patients with the best care possible.

What are the benefits of having a family doctor who is part of the SASPCN?

When your family doctor is a member of the SASPCN, you are a PCN patient. Your health is our priority. The SASPCN provides you with a health care team of nurses, pharmacists, mental health nurses, dietitians, social workers and other staff to support you through your individual health journey.

Whether you want to make a lifestyle change or need support managing a chronic health condition, the SASPCN offers programs and classes that can help.

Health staff will assist you in setting health goals and support you while you make steps to achieve them.

Is my family doctor a part of a PCN?

To find out if your physician is a member, ask your family doctor or check our directory.

How do patients access SASPCN programs and services?

Patients have access to physician-led health teams within their clinic, as well as network-wide programs, services and classes.

Patients living in the St. Albert and Sturgeon County area who do not have a family doctor can find a physician via our Find a PCN Doctor link.

What is the SASPCN geographical boundary?

The SASPCN includes St. Albert and Sturgeon County west including Alcomdale, Bon Accord, Calahoo, Lancaster Park, Legal, Morinville, Namao, Riviere Qui Barre, and Alexander Reserve.

What if my physician is outside of the boundary?

Your family physician may be a member of another PCN. Please see EdmontonAreaDocs.ca.