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Thank you for your interest in health education. Please provide the following information so we can determine if we can assist you in meeting your education goals.

  • If your booking request is within 30 days of your preferred education date request, please contact Stephanie Karkutly directly by emailing: stephaniek@saspcn.com or call 780-419-2214
  • Please allow up to 14 days to process your education request

    Please list your primary learning outcomes

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    Lecture (information sharing)Facilitated Discussion (information sharing with the ability to respond to questions/topics)

    SASPCN education is usually supported by a PowerPoint presentation. Is the following available at the education site?

    Projector: YesNo
    Laptop: YesNo
    Sound system: YesNo
    Extension cords: YesNo

    If you are not providing a projector and laptop, can the room support a projector with a table and screen?


    Please attach any additional information you would like to include about your organization/group: File upload field for .pdf, .docx